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FIFA 22 tests online matches, PS5 and Xbox players can compete with each other

Near the end of the version's life cycle, FIFA 22 has just tested the cross-platform feature, allowing the PS5 and Xbox Series X brothers to experience online matches against each other, showing that maybe this will be a test for FIFA 23 Released in September this year, the application features a lot of players want, but not all game companies are ready to apply.

According to EA, the cross-platform testing phase of FIFA 22 "will take place in the future", and apply to the three versions of PS5, Xbox Series X and Google's Stadia. The cross-platform test matches are in the Online Seasons and Online Friendlies categories, in other words the online season mode and single match mode.

Meanwhile, FIFA 22 in this May, expected around the 6th or 7th, will give 100% free to those who have paid for the PlayStation Plus service subscription.

It remains to be seen that the release date of FIFA 23 is announced, but more information is being spread widely that football fans are talking about. One of EA's flagship titles hasn't had much news lately, but information is emerging about some possibilities of the upcoming installment. For the first time in history, FIFA 23 will bring cross-player functionality, allowing console and PC gamers to play together. While EA looks set to focus its attention on customizable content, the long-awaited cross-play feature is something FIFA gamers have been waiting for from EA for quite some time, and it seems like their desire. will come true.

What this means for gamers is that no matter what platform they're playing on, whether it's Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 or PC, they'll have the opportunity to challenge each other in the same game, allowing you to Friends and strangers can compete without worry. about the system they are using. It is known that FIFA will organize World Cup tournaments for both men and women thanks to EA's cooperation license being expanded to cover more football matches. FIFA's new changes have been welcomed and praised by the football community.

Will the FIFA game franchise change its name in the future like its rival?

Introduced in FIFA 22, Hypermotion technology, used to capture animations from real players during live matches, is being upgraded to enhance the overall playing experience. The new technology will eliminate the need for Xsens' costumes without sacrificing the quality of the movements and give the visuals a snap, something FIFA fans have welcomed. The results of using this type of technology provide FIFA with 100 times more data per season than previous methods. This decision is one that EA can flaunt as gamers decide if they should continue playing the FIFA franchise or move on to the newest rival in the UFL.

The recent flurry of information has come as a breath of fresh air, with words coming from an EA executive claiming that the FIFA title has hurt the franchise. While this year's game will likely still bear the FIFA 23 name, it remains to be seen what the future holds for FIFA 24 and whether the franchise will go in a different direction. In terms of licensing, indications are that EA is abandoning the FIFA title altogether and rebranding with EA SPORTS FC, however, EA has yet to comment on the subject. For now, football game fans can look forward to an exciting experience with FIFA 23 and enjoy the game like never before.

The game will have a number of new features and upgrades that have been confirmed by publisher EA, most of which are in the trailer above. Thanks to a deep dive with the game's feature launch trailer, we can also learn many valuable new improvements that contribute to improving the gameplay in FIFA 22 to become more realistic than before.


The first feature confirmed for this year's release is HyperMotion. As seen in the official trailer, players will be able to see the feature clearly in every match. One of the exclusive features to create realistic movement in every move, dribble, this technology is used over 8.7 million frames to make every movement as realistic as possible in real time. real. This gives the game a more natural feel, with interactions and feedback rendered more accurately. Movement in the game is also significantly improved, bringing a more realistic feeling to the player's movements. However, this is a feature only available for Next-Gen Console systems such as PS5, Xbox Series X / S and Stadia only.


The goalkeeper control mechanism is reworked, with a lot more realistic movements that bring out the naturalness when controlling goalkeepers to fight and catch the ball in the restricted area. It is known that this will be a new improvement unprecedented in the old versions.


You can now set up different attack tactics depending on the match situation. This means you are less likely to be left behind by your team players while the ball is still in your area, once you get the ball in your team's feet the whole team will come up with a quick counter-attack. very rhythmically with you through the game's AI Kinetic feature.


Career mode expands this year with the ability to start your own soccer club and work towards winning the trophy.

You can choose to start in any competitive season you want, choose a name for your team and team nickname to be used in the game comments, and even choose a club. other to do your opponent. You can customize your team's home and away jerseys, along with a ton of additional stadiums included in the game.

Just like with the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 21, the color and design of the stadium, you can completely change as you like, choosing the national anthem for the whole team when entering the field.


No new club is complete without a solid squad and you can change the squad however you want. You will have full control over the star level of the team, their ratings, the average age of the players on the team, which will be more interesting when it helps you to be able to determine who to go and Who should be on your team? The choice of nationality will be flexibly changed in real time in the game, which will make matches and in-game times more real between the comment sections. When everything is done, you can also choose the budget of the team to make player transfers in the short or long term depending on the price you offer.

Ultimately, player preferences will be important to your new club and will depend on the star ratings of the team you've created and the league you're participating in. All of this allows for a varied experience depending on your choice.


Player Career is one of the most important points in the game

The game will have some new changes in the Player Career mode this year. The manager's rating system will allow you to track the progress of your players and their position on the team, based on goals achieved or not achieved throughout the game. This also applies to international matches.

The game will add a lot of new animations to Player Career. For example, the scene in the dressing room, or the transfer negotiation scene, has been tweaked to create a more real and attractive atmosphere than before.


There will be a new player development system introduced into the game, highlighting the element of building and taking care of your team. You will earn XP and unlock skill points as you play, you can upgrade the skills of the players with the accumulated points. Plus, you can now unlock perks as you level up and assign up to three perks before matches. Chance creation, offensive assist, and defensive assist are all available in every match.


Although currently there is not much information that this mode has changed with the old versions, but we can know this is a modified game mode that is simulated from the rules of traditional football. . A really cool feature that has been successful since FIFA 2020.


Ultimate Team Heroes is a completely new game mode in the game. You will write a beautiful story in the football village, build a fan base for your team. Leading the team to glory and being admired by many fans is always more open.


It has been announced that former England and Arsenal women's footballer, now broadcast pundit, Alex Scott, will be the first female commentator in the series' history. The full women's soccer section is very well done for those who love the game, with the ability to create formations and play like a professional women's team in the Club Pro mode.


Because the new version improves in every way, the developer decided to add more realistic gameplay mechanics. You will be able to switch people and control characters easily compared to the old versions


Adding a very nice new player control mechanism, which is to use the right Analog stick. Specifically, you can press the right Analog stick or called R3, and then keep the push direction in the direction that your players are standing close to to be able to change the direction of the player to control more comfortably than before, considered a of the necessary changes to the series

FIFA 22 will release for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC (via Origin and Steam) and Google Stadia. As with the last few years, a stripped-down version - FIFA 22 Legacy will be released for the Nintendo Switch.

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