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The most popular browsers in the world

StatCounter has published new statistics on the market share of the most popular browsers in the world as of the end of April this year. In terms of desktop browsers, Google Chrome topped the top 5 with an overwhelming market share of up to 66.58%, far away in second place was Microsoft Edge with only 10.07%, Safari ranked third with 9.62%. , Firefox with 7.87% ranked 4th and finally Opera with 2.44% market share.

In terms of mobile browsers, Chrome continues to lead in the top 5 with 63.59% market share, followed by Safari with 24.83%, Samsung Internet ranked 3rd with 4.9%, Opera ranked 4th with 4.9% market share. 1.88% and finally UC Browser with 1.41% market share.

The web browser is the portal through which you can access and access all kinds of media available on the Internet. Web browsers on phones and computers are extremely diverse and have certain differences. So what are the most popular web browsers today?

The most popular web browsers on computers today are Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (Edge Chronium). There are also many other web browsers, with the distribution of market share (January 2018 according to StatCounter) as follows.

The most popular web browsers on phones are mostly mobile versions of desktop browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera. Here are the 6 most popular web browsers in Vietnam today:

1. Google Chrome - The Most Versatile Browser

This is one of the top 6 best web browsers of 2020 that comes standard on most mobile devices. This is considered the best choice for you to use tablets and phones.

With many outstanding features, beautiful and simple interface, taking up space on the screen, Google Chrome becomes the first choice for Mac and Windows computer users.

However, many experts have also underestimated Chrome in terms of safety. Unlike Firefox, Google can't get rid of many external phishing attacks. However, Chrome can still prevent malicious files like ransomware or limit the infection of Trojans in your computer.

Besides, when using google chrome on multiple devices, you can also easily sync Chrome to review bookmarks, website history and saved passwords... However, a limitation in the browser This is consuming a lot of resources when downloading, especially on computers with limited RAM

2. Mozilla Firefox - Best Browser Overall

With fast website navigation and page loading speed, Mozilla Firefox deserves to be one of the most trusted internet browsers among users.

Fire fox has also demonstrated its safety with excellent malware removal. At the same time, this browser also provides you with dangerous warnings and has a timely prevention feature.

Firefox can be installed for free on Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS. It allows its users to synchronize passwords, save website history, and set settings through a completely free Firefox account. Besides, the versions of fire fox also help users to expand the library of diverse and rich utilities.

In addition, FireFox is also very hard working when it comes to regularly fixing and updating buggy versions, speed is also improved faster, security is enhanced, features are diverse, rich and increasingly added. fig.

However, with the new update, some users are often annoyed when the browser automatically starts when opening the application, but it takes a few minutes for the installation and download process.

3. Microsoft Edge - The Best Browser for Windows 10

When talking about the top 6 best web browsers in 2020, it is impossible not to mention Microsoft Edge. Only in the first launch with Windows 10, Edge has been well received by users.

Edge is the replacement for the old Internet Explorer, but in recent times, this browser is back and revived in early 2019. This happened when Microsoft and Google collaborated to release. a new version of Edge based on Chromium (the tool used in conjunction with Chrome)

Edge, after its release and improvement, has impressed many users when it inherits most of Chrome's useful features without taking up a lot of system resources.

In particular, Edge is no longer limited to only Windows 10 computers, but has supported most versions for Linux, Android, IOS and even MacOS.

According to many experts and users, Edge is really a website with many interesting experiences. This is worthy of a new generation browser that you should try to experience even once.

4. Safari - The Best Choice for Apple Users

For users of Apple devices such as Macbook laptop, ipad, iphone, ipod touch, apple watch, safari is a great choice. This is the default application and is pre-installed on all devices operating on iOS and MacOS platforms.

If on Windows 10 devices with Edge, then with devices from Apple, Safari is the best and smoothest working browser. Safari supports most of Apple's major features. For example, Airdrop and Apple pay can both perform tasks like Face ID and Touch ID on compatible Apple devices.

Through the use of icloud, Apple's Safari can synchronize all your bookmarks, web history, and even passwords between users' devices. However, this feature is only really useful if you own multiple Apple devices.

5. Opera - The most versatile browser

Despite appearing in the top 6 of the best web browsers of 2020, it is sad because Opera only accounts for about 1% of users in all browsers. Because this is really an impressive and quality website.

Opera owns fast access speed, user-friendly interface. In particular, Opera also owns what the competition has, even adding many other convenient features.

The reason that you should download Opera to experience is the Opera Turbo feature. This feature allows users to filter web traffic by routing it through Opera's servers.

This makes for a huge breakthrough in browsing speed if users are stuck with dial-up access or have limited bandwidth connections.

Besides, Opera also helps reduce the amount of data transmitted, which is very useful when using a mobile device to connect. At the same time, the rerouting also minimizes the content restrictions that the ISP sets on the browser.

For laptop users, Opera also has an ad blocking system built into the browser to save battery life and increase the life of the device.

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