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Tips to prolong smartphone life

Instead of upgrading smartphones every year, users can extend the life of their phones by buying cases, replacing batteries, or deleting unused apps.

As smartphone prices increase, extending the phone upgrade cycle can save users a lot of money in the long run.

Here are some simple solutions that can be applied from now on to ensure the smartphone works well in the long run suggested by CNET.

Keep software up to date

In order for smartphones to work stably and without problems, users should upgrade their operating systems and applications to new versions as soon as they are released. Updates often fix bugs, patch security holes, add features, and improve performance, making your phone faster and smoother.

iOS and Android both support automatic OS and app updates. Users can check the feature in Play Store and system settings. Security patches on Android are usually released at the beginning of the month, while iOS updates will roll out after a test period or an uncertain date if it's an important security patch.

For iPhones, automatic mode will download the update 1-2 days after release and update when the device is plugged in overnight. If you want to update immediately, users can go to Settings > General > Software Update.

Delete unused apps

Smartphones have limited capacity, so users need to pay attention to apps that are little or no longer used. Regularly deleting old, unused applications for a long time will free up memory space, which can prevent apps from running in the background from consuming battery and affecting performance.

iPhone users can delete apps by long-pressing on the icon on the home screen and then selecting Delete app. On Android, go to settings or hold down the icon on the home screen to delete the app. The iOS operating system also supports deleting the app but keeping the data, or automatically uninstalling it after a period of not being used.

Use a case

Some people don't like to attach cases because they make the phone bulky and reduce aesthetics. However, if you want to increase the durability of your smartphone, a case is a useful accessory because it can reduce damage when users accidentally drop the device or hit it hard.

Users do not need to buy an expensive case, but the cost of buying a case will be cheaper than the price of replacing the screen or damaged parts due to impact. In addition, the case ensures that the smartphone is in like new condition for resale at a high price if users want to upgrade the device.

Regularly clean your phone

No one wants to hold a phone covered in dust or grease. Even when the case is attached, locations such as the charging port, microphone, speaker grille and headphone port often leave a lot of dust. Therefore, users should regularly clean these components with a cotton swab to remove dirt, which may affect the daily use experience.

In addition, a soft cloth can be used to wipe the screen, edges, back and camera to keep the device clean and take clear pictures because the lens is no longer sticky with dust or sweat.

Pay attention to the battery

Smartphone durability can also be improved by avoiding situations that cause the battery to overheat, such as holding the phone in direct sunlight, using it in a hot place, or running heavy tasks when the battery is low. Even with auto-optimization and power off in case of overheating, the life of your device can be reduced if the battery is not taken care of properly.

The maximum capacity of the battery will decrease after long time operation. However, users can replace the battery instead of buying a new smartphone if their upgrades are not absolutely necessary. Usually, replacing the battery can extend the life of your phone by several months or even years. Users can bring the device to an authorized service center, a reputable store or buy a battery to replace it themselves if they have experience.

10 simple but effective tips to help increase phone battery life
To prolong the life of the iPhone or Android battery, charging and using the phone battery properly and reasonably is the best way. So how to properly charge and use the phone battery?

1. Proper charging helps to increase phone battery life

Charging the phone's battery is the main cause of shortening the phone's battery life, causing the phone's battery to degrade quickly, which affects the performance and user experience. So how to properly charge the phone battery? On my blog, I also had a pretty detailed post on how to properly charge the phone battery, everyone can refer to it.

2. Do not charge and use at the same time

In addition to the instructions on how to charge the battery, to increase the phone's battery life, you should also minimize the use and charge of the phone. This not only prolongs the charging time, but also causes the phone to quickly degrade, reduce performance, life expectancy or even cause an explosion.

3. Correct use of battery helps prolong phone battery life

To help prolong the life of your phone's battery, the first thing you need to pay attention to is how to use your phone's battery properly before thinking about how to protect them.

With how to extend the phone's battery life, you also need to pay attention when using the battery as follows:

Try to keep the battery at 65-75% capacity, it is advisable to charge whenever possible. Minimize the use of the phone at too high a temperature because it can cause the phone to explode and reduce battery life.

When not using the battery for a long time, remove the battery from the phone and store it in a cool place.

Regularly clean the charging contacts on the phone, avoiding dust and dirt.

And if your phone has been used for a while, try to check the battery life of the phone to see how the battery is.

4. Screen display settings, reasonable screen timeout

One of the simplest ways to increase battery life on your phone is to control how long the screen stays on after each use. It's best to keep the screen timeout as short as possible to save energy. For example, to increase Samsung battery life, you can set the screen standby time to as short as 15 seconds.

5. Do not use anti-virus software

Installing anti-virus software helps protect your device from virus or malware attacks. However, these applications also consume a lot of energy. So, if you don't really need it, turn off your anti-virus software, avoid letting the software run in the background to drain the battery.

6. Do not use the camera too much

The camera application often consumes battery capacity quickly if used continuously. So one of the effective ways to increase iPhone battery life is to limit the use of the camera when not needed and should not use the LED Flash much.

Using the camera too much will also affect the quality of the phone battery

7. Turn on Dark Mode, black pixels use less power

Currently, AMOLED screen technology has been widely equipped on smartphones. AMOLED screen uses color-shifting pixels to glow, so when the screen is set to dark mode, the black pixels will not glow, do not consume energy, saving the phone battery very effectively. when needed. Choose a dark wallpaper or a black wallpaper to save maximum battery capacity.

8. Turn off vibrate mode

When notifications are sent to your phone continuously from chat applications, social networks, or games, it will consume a lot of energy. Especially when you set the vibration or alarm mode. Turn off both unnecessary notifications on your device and apps to save battery.

9. Check location tracking apps, turn them off if you don't need them

The next way to increase phone battery life is to turn off map tracking, location or car booking applications, social networks that use GPS to transmit and receive your location data. You can disable location access to save battery.

10. Restart your phone often

To increase the phone's battery life, users should have a habit of regularly restarting the smartphone to be able to reset the system, turn off unnecessary background applications. This can save you energy and memory space.

In addition to the above notes to help protect the phone battery, there are many small factors that affect the quality of the phone battery such as: how to charge the newly purchased phone battery, turn off bluetooth, turn on dark mode, turn off the battery mode. Vibration, check the phone location or pay attention when charging the phone in the car. Check out the video below for more details.

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